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Always at the forefront of design and innovation, our brand has a built a strong reputation by staying up-to-date with home fashion. We regularly renew our collections and the models that we offer are regularly adapted to the demands of an ever-changing market.

We offer a design service to customise our products to meet the needs of our clients.

Our professional installation team

For our non-professional clients, we provide a network of professional fitters to install all EPID brand products.

For professional clients, we also offer the possibility of one of our technical specialists to come and advise on installation.


Our philosophy has always been to simplify our installation processes, so that installation can take place as fast, safely, and cleanly as possible and when making improvements to our products, we remain loyal to this philosophy.

Most of our products come with assembly instructions to facilitate the installation for both professionals and for individuals.


We ensure the provision of replacements for all of our products produced (even those produced a long time ago), including products which are no longer present in our catalogue. This way, our clients have total confidence in our products.

We offer a repair service for our factory-made products, especially for mosquito nets.

Customer service

Our large sales team will be able to advise you in whatever you may need. Our broad sales network covers the whole of the national territory and is known for its service and trustworthiness.


Our brand is synonymous with assurance, since all of our products are made with the highest-quality materials. Additionally, in accordance with the law, all of our products come with a two year guarantee.


We use a vast transport network to guarantee that our products arrive on time and in one piece. Most items are delivered between 24 to 48 hours, should the client wish we can provide a faster delivery.

In-House training for fitters

We provide technical advice for professional fitters with little or no experience in installing mosquito nets and curtains. If it is necessary, we will also meet with the fitter to advise on specific aspects of installation that the client may wish.


We take care in presenting our products because we understand that this is what a good product deserves, therefore we design our packaging to be aesthetically pleasing and high in protection.

We offer the possibility of personalising our products, placing the client’s logo on our products.